Annapolis, MD is the Port of Departure for Grampstr's Pride

I love history, do you? Our River Cruises take you back in time, as we visit the historical towns of the Chesapeake Bay.  There are many stories in each town, of military intrigue, maritime museums, history tidbits and more! 

Our start in Annapolis, the capital of Maryland. If arrive a day early or stay a day later you can visit some great historical sites from the Naval Academy, state capitol buildings, and great shops and restaurants!

Annapolis is where we start our Week one River Cruise!  What makes our River Cruises unique is we tie our relaxing cruise with history!  Annapolis is known for the US Naval Academy, War of 1812 battles, and the capital of Maryland.  

One interesting tidbit about Annapolis at the beginning of the Civil War President Lincoln ordered Annapolis surrounded by Union Troops and held the legislature from leaving so it could not secede from the union.  If it had, Washington DC would have been surrounded by Virginia and Maryland.  Maryland plantation owners were required to free the slaves. 

Come along with us on this exciting, relaxing trip south!  We depart Annapolis on November 4, 2017.




As Summer Turns to Fall it must be time for Transition

Well, we had a great time this summer here in the Chesapeake Bay and have spent many nights aboard the Grampstr's Pride.  As the the fall approached we were thrilled to attend the 2016 Bay Bridge Trawlerfest.

Originally we had planned to head South on our transition cruise this week but Hurricane Matthew and some terrible weather had a different idea.  We decided to that it was better safe then sorry and delayed our trip south until early November.  So there is still time to charter with us on our trip south. Nonetheless, we thought we would take a couple of minutes to just outline our planned trip.

Typically we travel four legs starting from the Chesapeake Bay Down to Tampa Bay.  But this trip we decided that we would wait until later in the spring to over to Tampa and will be spending some time near Daytona.  So we will travel the fourth leg latter this winter.

The best part about the transition over the change of seasons is the beautiful scenery.  We are really looking forward to seeing all of the beautiful foliage all the way down he coast.

Spring Transition 2016: Beaufort, NC

Beaufort, North Carolina. There are so many interesting and strategic locations along the North Carolina coast that the Grampstr's is visiting Beaufort, NC for the first time.....and so glad we decided to stay here for the night. A welcoming, comfortable and fun community! 

A spur of the minute recommendation lead us to the Beaufort Grocery Co for our evening meal. It was our good fortune that fresh squash blossoms were in season.

Chef Charles Park is a master chef!! Every tidbit of food was scrumptious. We will return to this port if not just for the wonderful community, most definitely for this gem of an eating establishmemt🍽

Spring Transition 2016: Georgetown, SC

Giant oaks spreading their limbs across the avenue. Resurrection fern gracing the branches budding happily as moisture graces the land. Moss covering the gnarly roots of the oaks working in unison with nature.....this is what you experience as you stroll the streets and avenues of this history rich community of Georgetown. Mansions built with the gains of plantation owners; Subtle yet sophisticated. A community with a sense of pride and a commitment to preserving its past. Southern feel. Hospitality and welcome to day trippers and comfortable dockage by day, week, month or stay in the community for long term live-aboards. You won't find any chain stores or franchise restaurants or shops here. This is a community of proud local businesses. They treat you as a welcome guest weather you are a local or a visitor.
Georgetown, South Carolina is worth a visit!

Spring Transition 2016: Bald Head Island


A rare gem! Bald Head Island, North Carolina is just two miles from the mainland yet far from the maddening crowd. This little island has golf carts and bicycles for transportation and no cars allowed. Miles of beaches and sand dunes with privacy prevailing. There are no franchises, no honkeytonk, and 'nothing to do' but enjoy the beauty and nature that is in full supply. An old lighthouse, miles and miles of trails and unobstructed views. This is not for everyone, it is for me!! It was a gift and a privilege to spend three days on Bald Head Island!